tribe affected is discussed with information about the tribe essay help

(Note: The original instructions called for creating a PowerPoint/Prezi-style presentation. This assignment has been modified…you will submit your “presentation” here…you may use bullet points to highlight what you learned).

For this assignment, you will prepare a brief presentation to share what learned through your research. Please create your “presentation” in a document first, then copy/paste it into this Discussion.

When choosing what to share, think about pulling important points from the content:

  • background (summary) information about the topic provided
  • tribe affected is discussed with information about the tribe (culture area/part of the United States, current status of the tribe, recognized or not, etc.)
  • controversy is analyzed
  • both sides of the argument are covered
  • opinion about the controversy is provided and supported
  • topic is contextualized with material from the course
  • You also have the ability to insert images into your “presentation.”
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