Two crime data statistical publications social science assignment help

Your reading assignment this week discusses the two crime data statistical publications most used  by both the private and public sector in measuring the crime rate in the U.S.- these are the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Surveys (NCVS.)

For this discussion go to both the UCR’s and the NCVS’ website (links to the sites provided below.)  Look up the crime rate in your specific community (or those students residing abroad- your community of origin in the United States.)  What does the data say about the crime rate in your community?  Is the data consistent with your personal perception?  According to your text, most people perceive the national crime rate to be much high than it is.  Do you agree?  What could be some of the causes for people’s individual perceptions of crime?  Fully discuss the basis of the your position.

Uniform Crime Report:  To access the UCR go to:  and follow the instructions below:

Go to “Find Data” on the far left side of the site page, and click on “Go to the table-building tool.

Find data

 Go to the table-building tool

…or choose a shortcut below

Then click on “Agencies, By State

Agencies, by State
 population coverage = 10,000+

Under “Select a Table Type,” go to “One Year of Data

Then, select “Maryland” for state, “All” for groups.  Finally, select your county of choice, and all crimes listed.

This will provide you a table from which you can answer the discussion question.

National Crime Victimization Survey:  To access the  NCVS go to: and create a “Custom Table” for both household and personal victimization for 2013-2014.  The instructions in the site are self-guiding thereon.  

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