Two measures that F4F should take to prevent its staff members from handling information… 1 answer below »

Two measures that F4F should take to prevent its staff members from handling information unethically) with referencescenario:-

Farmers 4 Farmers (F4F) is a cooperative society of farmers located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. The company that designs and deploys the network for F4F has sub-contracted your company the task of developing a suitable information security management program for F4F.

F4F was established to supply fresh produce from the farmers to the clients who are retailers at a cost-effective and efficient manner. A second objective of F4F is to provide better prices for the produce to the farmers. A third objective of F4F is to provide fertilizer and other required items for the farmers.

The Brisbane office of F4F consists of the managing director, a data analyst, a logistics manager and an accountant. The data analyst will need to deal with large volumes of clients and sales data as well as product information of the farmers.

F4F has a fleet of delivery trucks that operate in various regions in QLD. Clients should be able to place their delivery orders for produce and pay using the web interface of F4F. Delivery vehicles collect the produce listed in the delivery orders from the closest farmers and deliver them to the clients. The clients can communicate with the delivery trucks and view the produce on line before giving their approval to purchase them. A software program ensures this whole process.

All financial transactions related to the farmers and the clients are handled by the Brisbane office. For the protection of client and business information, F4F has deployed a highly secure network for the Brisbane office and the delivery trucks.

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