Two racing cars of masses m, and m, are moving in circles of radii r, and r, respectively…. 1 answer below »

1. Two racing cars of masses m, and m, are moving in circles of radii r, and r, respectively. Their speeds are such that each makes a complete circle in the same time t. The ratio of the angular speeds of the first two to the second car will be ?

2. Three identical metal balls, each of the radius r are placed touching each other on a horizontal surface such that an equilateral triangle is formed when centres of three balls are joined. The centre of the mass of the system is located at?

3. A solid sphere of radius R is placed on smooth horizontal surface. A horizontal force F is applied at height h from the lowest point. For the maximum acceleration of the centre of mass, which is correct?

4. A body of mass M while falling vertically downwards under gravity breaks into two parts, a body B of mass 1/3 M and body C of mass213 M. The centre of mass of bodies B and C taken together shifts compared to that of body A towards

5. A flywheel is attached to an engine to ? 6. The direction of angular velocity vector is along? 7. The motion of planets in the solar system is an example of the conservation of ?


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