unit 11 English English homework help

Place No One Writes To The Colonel in the context of a perspective that allows an issue to
be deliberated in terms of an issue that the story brings to light as you reflect on it.
It should mean more than just a series of events, as now you should have an appreciation
for issues in stories and fitting them into the context of people’s lives.
You many want to consider the notion of an individual who is crisis impaired.
Read in Collected Novellas:

No One Writes To The Colonel – (google it)

1: What does the town being under martial law stop them doing for the dead musician’s


2: The Colonel and his wife are orphans of whom?

3:What is the supposed reasons for Agustin’s death?

4: What is the Colonel waiting for?

5: How many years has he been waiting?

6: How does the Colonel intend to make some money to east their financial hardships?

7: What does the Colonel’s wife try to take a loan out against?

8: What indicators are there that supposedly what happened to the Colonel’s son may not

have happened?

9: What ailment does the Colonel’s wife suffer from?

10: What is the Colonel’s wife concern about dying?

11: The cockerel wins fights but what fails to happen for the Colonel?

12: What has the Colonel been saying is coming for the last 15 years?

13: How come No one writes to the Colonel?- your perceptions here and write a paragraph

for number 13.

Select one of the two articles from this unit and write a paragraph where you describe the

most prominent issue you see in this text.

Give some indication as to what you would go and research as the issue if you were going to

write an essay about the issue you identify.

Make sure you have at least 250 words. Use at least one quote from the text you select and

follow MLA rules for using sources.

Submit the paragraph on the same document as the Unit 11 questions.

Unit 11 Discussion Board Posting

On the Discussion Board PostShare

with your peers the thoughts and ideas you have about one of the central issues in

In No One Writes To The Colonel.

Your initial Post addressing should be 150 words minimum.

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