Unit 2 IP / HRMT 300

5–7 PowerPoint slides; 200–250 words speaker notes 

The senior leadership at Matrix International Corporation now have a strong understanding of the importance of performance appraisal systems and their value to the company. Their knowledge came as a result of the information that you provided to them in your executive summary. The human resources department members and your supervisor, Annalise Zajac, the Director of Human Resources, are very proud of the foundation that you have built for them. It is clear that the senior leaders at Matrix have gained more trust in you and in the new performance appraisal system that you will develop.

Annalise has asked you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you evaluate a minimum of 3 different types of performance appraisal systems. She states that the information that you gather from these systems can serve as examples for the development of the system for Matrix.

You continue with your research into various types of performance appraisal systems. The following must be included in your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Choose a minimum of 3 distinct performance appraisal systems. This must include those measuring tasks and those measuring behavioral performance.
  • Provide the detailed steps and components of each of the performance appraisal systems that were chosen.
  • Evaluate the similarities and differences between them.


Title and reference slides are not included in the count.

Please use this format for preparing and completing your presentation.

Slide 1-Intro

Slide 2-Topic slide

Slide 3Performance

appraisal system 1 – On the slide define the system In

the note section discuss steps and components.

Slide 4-Performance appraisal system 2- On the slide define the system -In the note section discuss steps and components.

Slide 5-Performance appraisal system 3- On the slide define the system -In the note section discuss steps and components.

Slide 6- Similarities for all 3 appraisal systems

Slide 7- Differences for all 3 appraisal systems

Slide 8- References

When you, minus out the title, topics, and reference slides you will have 5 slides total this is the minimum. If you need to incorporate more slides that is fine but be sure to

stay on the topic of the assignment and it must directly relate to the assignment.

4 Scholarly sources are expected formatted to APA formatting standards.

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