unit 7

Your goal for the assignment is to develop a case study about an adolescent client who has been diagnosed with conduct disorder and has a history of involvement with the juvenile justice system (i.e., has broken the law by stealing a car, etc.). In the case study, you will examine different aspects of socioemotional development that contribute to adolescents’ problems.

You will give your adolescent a name and write the case study as if you are presenting it to a group of coworkers to get some ideas of how to proceed with the case. You will assume that some of the information in the case study was gathered from meetings that you have had with your adolescent client, as well as their parents or guardians. At the end of the case study, you need to list aspects of the case that you want your coworkers to help you with and/or questions about your client that you want input on. Use the Unit 7 Assignment Template and information from Chapters 10–13 to help you write your case study.

Please addresses each of the following:

  • Demographics
    • Client’s name
    • Age
    • Family history (living arrangements currently and in the past)
    • Race/ethnicity
    • Gender
  • History/Presenting Problem
    • Childhood background (history of poverty, child abuse, etc.)
    • Temperament currently and in the past
    • History and current state of self-esteem/identity formation (i.e., issues in this area related to peer relationships, academic performance, etc.)
    • Discussion of why client is seeking treatment and whether they are there voluntarily
  • Family Relationships
    • Relationship with parents/guardians and siblings if applicable
    • Client/family strengths
    • Client/family challenges
  • Clinical Impressions
    • Discussion of why you believe client has conduct disorder/juvenile justice issues based on the information listed below:
      • Childhood background
      • Current and past temperament of client (include information about development of temperament in children/adolescents)
      • Self-esteem/identity formation of client (include information about typical self-esteem/identity formation in adolescents)
      • Relationship with all family members
      • Strengths and challenges of client and family
      • Role of gender in development of conduct disorder/juvenile justice issues (i.e., was client raised to be masculine which contributed to his aggressive behaviors)
      • Explanation of Level 2 of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development and how it relates to the client’s antisocial behavior
    • Professional Input
      • What questions do you have about your client that you want input on?
      • Do you need assistance with this client? If so, in what way?
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