Unit III Project-Professional Development Plan


Professional Development Plan

For this project, you will reflect on your personal, comprehensive professional development plan that incorporates the four pillars of professional development discussed in this unit. You will supplement your reflection with a completed matrix that illustrates your current professional development attainment and the path leading to your next career goal.

Part I

Fill out the matrix to illustrate your career development plan; a blank template is provided below.

For the first part of this project, you will need to complete a professional development matrix. You must complete the matrix with at least one line for your current professional level (e.g., Firefighter I or II, Supervisory Fire Officer) and a second line for the position that is your next career goal.

For example, if you have already attained the Firefighter I and II certifications, you can use this matrix and the four pillars of professional development to guide your efforts to plan for your next certification or promotion. You could specifically plan to develop the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills that would support a goal of becoming a company officer or chief officer.

If you are not a firefighter and have plans on becoming a firefighter, you can use the matrix to map out your plan on obtaining your certifications and education for Firefighter I and II or Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic.

Using this blank matrix template , fill in your department’s requirements for each area listed in the matrix for at least your current and next career goal positions. Keep in mind that while there are national standards, states, departments, and agencies can customize the matrix to reflect additional standards. You will need to research the current standards or career development guidelines at your department to ensure you are accounting for all requirements.

Once you have identified all of the requirements, highlight those requirements that you have currently satisfied, and list a planned target date for completion next to any requirements you have yet to fulfill. Your plan for attainment should be specific and realistic.

The National Professional Development Matrix example has requirements for two positions—one line for FF-01 (Firefighter I) and one line for FF-03 (Pump Operator). This is only an example to assist you in the completion of this project.

Part II

Reflect on your professional development plan.

Once you have the matrix filled out, you must then write a reflection paper where you will elaborate on your personal, comprehensive professional development plan. Your reflection should meet the criteria provided below.

  • Detail how your plan follows the National Professional Development Matrix (or the Emergency Medical Services [EMS] Professional Development Model) discussed in this unit.
  • Summarize how you will incorporate the four pillars of professional development in your personal plan.
  • Identify higher education strategies that can support your professional development.
  • Conclude by stating the value of using the matrix and following a plan to guide professional development and career growth. Include both the value to yourself as well as the value to your department and/or the fire service.

Your reflection portion of this project must be at least two pages in length, not coutning the title or reference pages. You must use at least two sources to support your reflection. All sources used in this project must have citations and references in APA Style.

Ensure you submit both the matrix and the written portion of this project in this unit’s assignment submission area of Blackboard.


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