Unit V Assignment-Notice of Citations and Penalties


For this assignment, begin by reading the Citation and Notification of Penalty

Next, assume you are the safety director for Acme Widget Factory. Your company recently had an OSHA inspection and received the Notice of Citations and Penalties in the mail. You managed to schedule an informal conference with the area director at the regional OSHA office 5 days after you received the Notice of Citations and Penalty. Based on the citations and penalties provided, prepare a document that lists the citations and penalties you wish to discuss with the area director.

You should summarize what you are trying to accomplish in regard to each citation/penalty you choose to discuss, to include:

  • information you would use to help reduce the proposed citation/penalty to include the proposed action to resolve the issue;
  • documents you would take with you to the informal conference; and
  • who will accompany you to the meeting and their role.

In addition to the information above, discuss penalties that may be issued if the employer fails to correct a violation in which a citation has been issued.

Your paper should be at least three pages in length. 

APA Style will not be required for this assignment.

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