Unit VI Project- Recorded Training Presentation


Recorded Training Presentation

Building construction is an important topic for firefighters to understand. Knowing the components of building construction and the different types of construction is the foundation to applying firefighting strategy and tactics and is paramount to firefighter safety.

For this assignment, you will create an original, informational, 7-minute recording that can be used in pre-incident planning training of fire academy recruits in your own community. You will deliver this recording as though you are teaching live in a classroom.

You have two options for this recording. You may choose one of the following options for this assignment.

  • Create an audio-only podcast-style recording of the presentation.
  • Create a video of you as you deliver the presentation.

Your recorded presentation should accomplish the requirements listed below.

  • Begin by identifying the five types of construction as defined by International Building Code (IBC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  • Give one example for each of the five types of building construction. Use examples from your own community, where possible, to help students make the connection and see the value of the information.
  • Conclude with a summary of how knowledge of the building construction is essential in pre-incident planning.

To supplement your recording, you must submit photographs or images of each of the five buildings that can be distributed to the students. Be sure to label each building so students can identify the building type.

Your recorded presentation must be a minimum of 7 minutes and no more than 9 minutes long. It should be based on information from the eTextbook, your own scholarly research, as well as your own experience and training.

The document you upload in the assignment submission area of Blackboard should be a single document containing the link to your recording, your images, and a references page. You must use at least three sources to support your presentation, and the references must be in APA Style.

If you choose the audio-only presentation option, the tutorial Recording Audio and Inserting Into Word or Pages can assist you with the audio recording and insertion of the audio into a Word document.

If you choose the video presentation option, the tutorial Video Recording Guidelines can assist with the recording, and the tutorial Video Upload Instructions will walk you through how to upload your presentation to YouTube and obtain a link you can insert in your Word document.

  • Hello I am choosing the audio-only podcast style and understand that I have to do my own recording.  I would just need the content completed.  Please let me know if you have any further questions for this assignment.  It says a single document needs to be submitted so im assuming that means one page.
  •  Thanks
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