University of California Davis Stanford Prison Experiment Paper

I have a informative speech which need at least 4 oral citations from reliable sources (article,journal,documentary)

The topic is the Stanford prison experiment. Word count should be about 550

  1. The major objective of this speech is to convey a clear and thorough understanding of the subject under discussion. It is not intended to be a persuasive speech.
  2. The thesis of the speech is a single declarative sentence at the top of the outline and announced after the introduction just like the personal attitude speech.
  3. The speech must be based on at least four outside sourcesof information, one of which is an academic paper (i.e., journal article), no more than two internet sources (include only reputable websites), and no more than one encyclopedia source.
  4. Evidence from these research resources will be used to support the subpoints. Evidence should not be used as the subpoint (only support the subpoint).
  5. All non-original material, whether quoted or paraphrased, must have oral documentation.
  6. The outline format requirements from the previous speech apply.
  7. A complete bibliography should be included with the outline to support your points in APA format.
  8. The time limit is 4-6 minutes..
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