University of Phoenix Curriculum Development and Evaluation Plan

Part 1: Curriculum Plan

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that illustrates a specific plan for curriculum development in a school district of your choice. Note: You may use a school district with which you are familiar, or locate a school district website to inform your plan.

Include the following:

  • A description of how the curriculum plan complements the mission goals and outcomes for the district (include mission statements, goals, and outcomes established by the district)
  • Textbook and supplemental material adoption cycle
  • Staff development plans
  • A description of the process utilized to evaluate the curriculum
  • A discussion of the district’s curriculum development plan for at least two years

Part 2: Integrated Unit

Prepare an integrated unit for at least three instructional periods in the content area and grade level 3.

Include the following:

  • Introduction and rationale for teaching the unit
  • The grade level or content area for which the unit is written
  • Integration of two or more content areas
  • Activities planned for the unit
  • Materials needed for the unit
  • Evidence of technology integration
  • Three lesson plans, each including:
    • Objectives written at the application level or higher
    • Procedures and activities
    • Assessment (Include at least one traditional, and one authentic or performance assessment in your unit.)
    • Alignment to at least two state or national standards
  • Explanation of how the unit meets the needs of diverse learners

Here is an example of what to do for Part 2: whatever subject area that is taught (such as math, reading, etc), you should develop an integrated unit on. So, perhaps you want to do Ancient Greece as a topic. Well, then you’d not only be focused upon social studies, but then you’d incorporate math and science (as an example) into your plans as well. There has to be three instructional lesson plans with an integration of two or more other content areas. I chose the topic “Understaanding the Purpose of the Scientific Method

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