Unplugging for summer writing homework help

  •  Is it wise to unplug for a summer? A current topic being explored by some parents is going unplugged for a summer, meaning eliminating the use of all or many parts of technology, such as computers, televisions, etc., for the summer months. Is this a good idea given the over-dependence on technology? Alternatively, is it a poor decision given the many benefits of technology?
  • Your five-paragraph essay should be written in the following format:

    Intro paragraph: Remember that the parts of an intro paragraph include a hook, preview of upcoming points, and end with thesis statement in this order. 

    Three body paragraphs: Each should have a topic sentence, supporting details that support your thesis statement, and a conclusion sentence.

    Conclusion paragraph: Each conclusion paragraph should begin with one’s rephrased thesis statement. Next, summarize the main points. Finally, leave the reader with something to ponder or a call to action. Be sure to utilize proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Additionally, avoid first and second   person language. First and second language includes the following word forms: I, me, my, we, our, us, you, your, yourselves, etc.

  • Create a clear and appropriate concluding paragraph on the topic:
  • the conclusion paragraph should be at least five to seven sentences in length.
  • Your concluding paragraph should begin with a rephrased thesis statement based on your original thesis statement from your introductory paragraph.
  • Use the rest of the conclusion to summarize briefly the information in your paper.
  • You also should include a call to action or leaving your audience with a thought to ponder in your last sentence as he or she considers the claims you presented in your essay.

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