US Government: Political party, Project essay

Political Party This project will get you thinking about political parties as well as political issues; so to do so you will be creating your own political party.

1. First, research political parties and choose one of the following The top 6 in the US include the following: democrat, republican, libertarian, constitution, tea party, and green party. Choose one of the 6 and research it thoroughly and find out their party platform. To find out more on what a party platform is click here Write a summary of at least 200 words on what you find on the party’s platform 4 major issues: education, gun control, health care and same-sex marriage.

2. Last, you will create your own party. First you will state your party’s platform on the 4 major issues and state where your party fits on the current US political scale. You will have to give your political party a name and give a clear explanation on your political party views and issues in between 500-700 words.

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