Visual Aids

Watch the two videos listed below and answer the questions. List three different visual aids that you could potentially use for each topic listed. Please describe why you think your selections would be effective. You can copy/paste example speech topics below to the Forum and place your examples for the following topics.To persuade my audience to donate bloodTo persuade my audience to fasten their seatbeltsTo persuade my audience to begin an exercise programTo inform my audience about the different types of coins of the worldTo Inform my audience about the electoral college.To inform my audience about the different majors at Southern Miss2. Then you will watch Stacey Kramer’s speech entitled “The Best Gift I Ever Survived” And Derek Sivers’ “How to Make a Movement” speech. Compare and contrast the ways in which the speakers use visual aids in their talks. What is the primary difference? Who do you think used visual aids more effectively?Your response must be at least 500 words for the entire assignment.

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