Answereach, providing the page number in your book that you found the answer is required for each question.1. Think of two restaurants you have visited – one where you enjoyed the food/experience and one where you did not enjoy the food/experience. Think about the factors that were most important to you with both experiences.a. Describe two things you were pleased with at the restaurant you enjoyed.b. Describe two things you were not pleased with at the restaurant you did not enjoy.2. Think about your most recent healthcare experience – it could be somewhere you work, somewhere you got care for yourself or somewhere you went with someone else to receive care.a. Describe two thing you were pleased with, that they did well.b. Describe 2 things that could have been done better or they have an opportunity for improvement.3. How does reliability of healthcare services affect quality of care?4. How does value of healthcare services affect quality of care?5. Who are the ‘stakeholders’ of health care quality?6. Define: quality, healthcare quality, reliability, value, defensive medicine, quality assurance and high-value healthcarelook for files( chapter and PowerPoint)

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