week 1 Dq 1

Please wright a 100 or more answer to each question 

1)  how can we have a solution-based process in place so we can make qualified decisions and communicate to others with confidence?

2) how do we manage change in the workplace our in our personal lives?  Have there been times where what we anticipated to be stressful or difficult ended up not being so and had a completely different outcome?  If we do think about and using our feeling to our advantage, would we have a different outcome if tried to stay positive and work on solutions?  

3) do we have free will?  Even if we have habits that are difficult to change, can we change them if choose to? Even a quite decision to take a left or a right, as to whether we go home and or decide to go out, are we still not deciding this by free will? And, even if another person tries to persuade us to do this or that, isn’t it still up to each individual to decide what they are personally going to choose to do?

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