Week 12 Health science 410

Answer BOTH of the questions below for your initial post this week.Question 1Look in the popular press for an example of patient/client abuse from a health care professional and include a description of the ethical and legal violations that occurred.Your description of the case should refer to an individual, group, or organization/institution, who is/are responsible for the abuse/neglect.How would you address the problem to ensure it did not occur again?Your posting should not simply be an opinion, but should reflect what you have learned from the readings.Use Pozgar as a reference. Other references are encouraged.Question 2Consider the implications of the expanded used of the concept of “opt out” and its possible result of neglect in the pharmacy world or other circumstances.Use Pozgar AND one of our readings or another source on opt out as references.Response posts: For Module 6, reply to two of your classmates.

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