Week 4 Victimology

Assignment ContentSelect one of the following scenarios to complete this assignment.Scenario 1: Correctional Facilities ViolenceYou have been asked by the governor to present information on violence in correctional facilities to the board of corrections.Scenario 2: School ViolenceYou have been asked by your local school board to present information on school violence and harassment.Scenario 3: Workplace ViolenceAs head of security at your company, you have been asked to present information on workplace violence and harassment.Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes, in which you:Identify warning signs that lead to violence.Describe which preventive measures, including security precautions, could be put into place to protect the population from violence, harassment, and crimes.Identify help or counseling programs for those impacted by violence.Discuss whether help or counseling programs should also be made available to family members of those affected by violence. Where and for how long should these programs be made available?Determine if there are preventive steps for combating violence in other institutions that can be applied to prevent violence. Why or why not?Submit your assignment.

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