Week8 health assignment HSCI 430

This week you read about how cultural competence training should focus on learning knowledge and skills with an emphasis on developing these as time progresses. Training should also be specific to the unique roles employees have within an organization. Imagine that you are a CME instructor and you are giving a day-long training on breastfeeding to a group of obstetrical nurses. Your supervisor provides you with Chapter Six from this text and tells you to integrate the training and cultural competency principles into your training or you may not receive your employee bonus for the year.A. Describe at least four concepts and skills from chapter six that you would integrate in your training and how exactly you will do this.  *Be sure to describe both what you will use and how, or points may be deducted.B. Describe four activities you would include in the training that integrate concepts from the chapter (such as the eight questions or the Healing-by-Heart Model). Review chapter six for ideas of activities to use.

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