What are the overall strengths of the letter ece354 week 4 discussion 1 help

Respond to a peer by providing feedback on their letter. Remember to make sure your feedback is professional. When providing feedback to your peers about their letter, be sure to consider the following points:

  • What are the overall strengths of the letter? Be specific.
  • Are there any points that were not considered in the letter that you think would be beneficial to include?
  • What is another type of performance assessment that you believe your classmate should consider including in their letter? Justify why you believe they should include this assessment.

5 sentences or more.

Dear parents/ guardians,

Teachers inspire students to see the world in light and joy through enjoyable, stimulating activities. The activities planned from day to day are fun and educational to observe every child’s progression from start to finish. Parents sometimes believe that young learners are just playing and not learning something valuable. For this reason, this letter is to inform all parents near and far that children discover and accomplish the most out of education through play. Play consists of different forms, methods, and reasoning depending on the learning objectives. Each part of play-based activities allows educators, especially Early Childhood education teachers, to see children’s natural character and temperament, thinking and problem-solving skills and communication skills in a play-based environment. The feeling of possessing contentment, security, and autonomy in class is the key to supporting every child to attain awareness and progress smoothly.

Teachers keep track of the students’ progress by evaluating the students with different forms of assessments. One type of evaluation is called performance-based assessment that allows teachers to assess individuals while each one is learning and the outcome. As an author states, “Unlike traditional assessment procedures that tend to focus only on outcomes, PBA (Performance-based assessment) involves both the process of learning as well as the product (Palm, 2008)” (Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E. (2015). This form of evaluation is reliable because it allows teachers the ability to assess children in a natural state that minimize the stress feel of formal assessment possess.

Performance-based assessments cater to all types of learners which help the educator to obtain different outcomes and pieces of evidence about each student. There are numerous advantages to using performance-based assessments, however; there are few disadvantages, too. One of the drawbacks, the teacher who is conducting the observation may have subjectivity that can make the results/ outcome unreliable. Teachers have to be mindful of their opinions and thoughts when writing a comment. Another problematic part of authentic assessment it somewhat time-consuming to obtain enough evidence to track the growth of each student. However, PBA has disadvantages it is more meaningful and genuine. As stated, “of all the forms of assessment, authentic assessment has been recognized as a foundational practice in early childhood education (SusmanStillman, Bailey, & Webb, 2014)” (Howard, V. F., & Aiken, E. (2015). As a teacher, I would use PBA and inter-observer to assure the pieces of evidence collected regarding each student is more significant, expressive and dependable.

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