What potential ethical issues can you see developing over affordable housing, management homework help

Situation: Assume you are the Chief County Administrator for the County of the city or town you live in. A

result of the recent local elections was the passage of Prop ABC which directs developers to put aside a

portion of new housing construction for affordable housing. It is expected that the program will include

funds from the federal, state and local governments. In your role as Chief County Administrator, you are

an appointed official of the County Board of Supervisors. As the Chief County Administrator, the Board of

Supervisors has asked you to provide a report to them addressing the following questions: As an

administrator, what do you see is your role as the Chief County Administrator in this situation? Please

analyze the options you may have. Select the role you will play and explain why?What potential ethical

issues can you see developing over affordable housing? Why? Are there any lessons learned from the

“code of ethics” assignment that you can apply to this case?

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