What s At Stake English homework help

What’s At Stake, Shake It OutCan you name something that you have a stake in, something that matters deeply to you, something that upsets you, something that alarms you, something that confuses you, something that compels you think more deeply about the world.

the topic that i want to write is talk about Chinese international student who study in America.Chinese parent think American education is good, so that they want send their child to america. however, what are they really do in the U.S. some of them addicted to internet game, and clubbing instead of study. another of them join the club at school, they study really hard and go to library, and do some part time job to make money to less their family’s stress. some people play all the time, but they still study. so is it good to study in america.

this short discussion need 2 or more paragraph. 

at least 300 words.

thank you.

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