Where Do You Stand on Sentencing?, assignment help

Where Do You Stand on Sentencing?

Part 1

 For this discussion, research one recent case where a person was convicted and sentenced for a felony offense.

Identify the sentence in your main post and then respond to the following:

·  Explain which of the above sentencing models is best represented by the sentence in the case you researched.

·  Outline how the political climate can have a direct effect on sentencing trends.

·  Describe how the political climate could have a direct effect on you as a sitting judge.

·  Determine if you fit into the sentencing model based on your attitude about punishment and your personal politics.

Part 2

For this discussion, you will select a pro- or anti-death penalty position, defend it, and support it with references.

In your main post:

·  Analyze death penalty research that supports your position.

·  Identify the model of punishment that most closely aligns with your position on the death penalty.

·  Describe how your position on the death penalty might affect you as a criminal justice professional.

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