Wk 6 – Homeworkd

When a tutor is selected ~ Login information will be provided

Although the homework is timed, please take your time with all responses.

  • Before submitting the assignment, please take one question you are having trouble with to explain what problem you are having. ( I will need to submit this information to the professor, as participation)

Notes for completing the homework in the LEO system:

  >> general journal style problem

  >>> a text entry general journal is provided

   >>> there are enough journal lines for each general journal style problem

   >>> for credit accounts be sure that there is a right indent, use the space bar (about 5 spaces) if necessary

  >>> do not provide any general journal explanations

  >>> be sure to use proper general journal entry style such as:

  >>>> no dollar signs

  >>>> use commas where appropriate

  >> fill in the box(es) style problems

  >>> where there are multiple boxes/answers you must answer in the order that the questions are asked

   >>> if a dollar amount (in the fill in the box(es) question) is the answer then you must use a $ sign and must use commas. There are no (say again – NO) pennies or decimal values (do not enter any character except the exact answer, for example the “dividends paid were $1,000” you enter just the $1,000)

  >>> if the value to be entered (number to be entered in the box) is not a dollar amount use whole numbers only with commas.

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