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Family Nurse PractitionerA family nurse practitioner (FNP) performs duties such as developing treatment plans for chronic and acute diseases, managing overall patient care regarding developmental and lifestyle issues, as well as guiding and educating patients on healthy lifestyle habits and disease prevention (Bell, 2016). The top three currents trends that I believe are most important with regards to family nursing include inadequate staffing and nursing shortages, innovative and complex technologies as well as mandatory overtime (Strech, & Wyatt, 2013). In addition, the need for community-based nursing is also a current trend influencing the field. For instance, due to the increased demand for family nurses, both government and private healthcare facilities are unable to recruit enough professionals, therefore leading to strain and stress among the healthcare providers. In addition, family nurses are coerced to engage in mandatory overtime services, which lead to fatigue and stress (Beierwaltes et al., 2020). As a result, the nurse’s ability to provide quality patient safety and care is affected due to fatigue caused by long working hours.My Personal Philosophy as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)My personal philosophy, beliefs, and core values as an APN include integrity, unity of purpose, passion, persistence, family, and lifelong learning. I am able to use these beliefs and values when making decisions in my profession as an APN. My personal belief is also push further after watching a YouTube video. Compassion, empathy, humility, and holistic, knowing my passion on a personal level like Steve will help maintain up with patients’ healthcare needs allowed me to offer a higher quality of care and truly understand my patients’ healthcare needs (Johnson & Johnson Nursing, 2014).In addition, I strongly believe that nursing is a calling, and I am motivated by the recovery of my patients. Moreover, I believe that the key aspects of advanced practice nursing include honesty, knowledge, and care. Therefore, the values I uphold are essential since they help me to diligently and effectively provide care for my patients.

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