wo days later, Shawn revokes the offer and Eric protests. Is Shawn allowed to do this? LA#2 Business Law homework help

Please see below. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am expecting more than a “yes” or “no” answer. Even if it doesn’t state, you need to explain why—use the law to help support your answer. 

1. Shawn offers to sell Eric his ’62 Impala for $9500 in a letter sent registered mail. Shawn tells Eric that he’ll keep the offer open for twelve days and Eric agrees to think it over. Two days later, Shawn revokes the offer and Eric protests. Is Shawn allowed to do this? Explain. 

2. Would the situation be different if Eric were to pay $25 to keep this offer open for the specified 12 days? Explain. 

3. Eric accepts Shawn’s offer, but asks him to throw in new tires before the sell. Is Eric’s communication a valid acceptance, a rejection, or a counter offer? Explain. 

4. Eric sends his acceptance by registered mail April 30. Meanwhile Shawn sends a revocation, also by registered mail, on May 1. The acceptance arrives May 3 and the revocation arrives May 2. Is there a valid contract? Why or why not? 

5. Assume Shawn and Eric enter into a valid contact for Eric to purchase his car. Eric pays the $9500 as requested. Shawn discovers Eric is a minor and wishes to dissaffirm the contract. Can he do this? Why or why not? 

6. Assume Eric buys the car but it is later stolen. He posts a reward of $500 for any information leading to the recovery of his car. Off duty, Officer Antonio finds and returns the car. Is he eligible for the reward? Why or why not? 

7. Assume Karen becomes engaged to Eric. Karen sees an offer in the Macys ad for a wedding gown for only $200. Karen appears at Macys only to discover the dresses are sold out. She then sues Macys claiming they breached the contract she had with them for a $200 dress. Will she succeed? Why or why not? 

8. Karen entered into a contract with Jung to design and sew her wedding gown. Karen paid a deposit of $250 and they agreed the gown would be ready for Karen to pick up on April 1st when Karen would pay the remaining $300. Jung discovers the type of silk she was planning to use cost more than she assumed so contacts Karen and states she cannot do the dress unless Karen agrees to pay her an extra $100. When Karen picks up the dress, must she pay the extra money? Why or why not? Explain. 

9. What if Jung agrees to make Karen’s veil in addition to the dress? Explain

Please use in text citations and references.


Chapters 8-11


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