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Week 1 – Assignment

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Throughout this course, you’ll be doing consulting work for Woeson Books. This company is headquartered in Syracuse, New York. The main office is located in a suburb of Syracuse, so physical security is not a major concern. The company employs about 250 people in four cities. Their branches are located in Redmond, Washington; Galveston, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois. More information about Woeson books can be found at this link: http://content.bellevue.edu/cst/cybr/525/id/woeson-books/

The president of Woeson Books is getting concerned about the security of the systems, not only at headquarters, but also at each location. She has decided to contract with you to conduct penetration testing at all locations. To avoid undermining the tests, you will be limited in your access to IT staff or employees. The president wants to determine what you can find out about the company’s network infrastructure, network topology, and any discovered vulnerabilities without tipping them off on your activities.

Based on this information, write a report outlining the steps you should take before beginning penetration tests of the Woeson Books company. Research the laws applying to all states where the company has locations, and be sure to reference any federal laws that might apply to what you’ve been contracted to do. You need to provide the project plan written for Woeson’s President on how you’d conduct your testing, it’s scope, and the laws or regulations you need to follow. It should not include any findings on their security issues or how they should mitigate their risks.

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