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Complete a 575 words three parts essay with each part having specific word count.

Part 1. In 75 words write at least three five-year goals toward your career by using the guidelines within the SMART method. Remember, the SMART method involves making the goal specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and establish a time to achieve it. Furthermore, identify the type of job (Restaurant), the job’s title (Manager), the location (i.e., city) (Buford, GA), and the company (Palamalos). Then, briefly explain why these three goals are important to you.

Part 2. In 250 words evaluate or describes how attitude, personality, and goal setting impact work performance. Attitudes can be both good and bad, personalities can vary greatly, and goal setting is a technique that some use and some do not. Include workplace examples to support your answer.

Part 3. In 250 words using critical-thinking skills to describe the impact of time management in the workplace. In addition, describes what is likely to result from two instances within a workplace: (a) using time-management techniques and (b) not using time-management techniques. Please include workplace examples to support your answer.


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