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1) Types of Evidence, write a 8-10 sentence detailed paragraph.

The textbook (and the Powerpoint slides) talk about evidence that is used at trial. There are two main categories of evidence. One is “DIRECT EVIDENCE,” and the other is “CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.” Make sure you have watched the two videos in our module this week before working in this forum.

Let’s start by defining each type of evidence. What is direct evidence, and what is circumstantial evidence? Then give an example of a piece of evidence that would fit under each category.

Which type of evidence is stronger? If a case involves only circumstantial evidence, does that mean it’s weaker than a case that also has direct evidence? Why or why not?

2) write a response to the students paragraph 5 sentences min. Write how you agree with their ideas and add more to it. Do not just compliment the student on their work. Add details of how you agree.

Student Response: Direct Evidence, is when a witness sees the crime being committed, they are there in person and they see it from beginning to end. An example would be, if I was walking down the street to my friends house and I see a man walk up to another man and point a gun at him and say “give me all of your money or I will shoot you” the victim then gives him all of his money and I see the other man run away. I can go to court and testify that I, in fact did see this man walk up to the other man, threaten him with a gun and take his money. This would be an example of direct evidence. As for Circumstantial Evidence, relies on an inference to connect it to the fact. An inference, is an educated, logical conclusion that a person will infer on the facts. An example for circumstantial evidence, is, say that I was in my house cooking and I hear gun shots and I look out the window to see a car zoom by (not being able to see the defendant nor license plate), I go to court and testify that I heard the gunshots but did not see the defendant, this can be an example of circumstantial evidence and when “inference” comes to play is when the jury has to draw an inference to what I testified in court and come to the conclusion that what I said is true and that the defendant on trial is in fact guilty. I believe both types of evidence can be equally strong, depending how the prosecution presents it. However, I do believe that if there is more direct evidence than circumstantial, the jury can rely more on the direct evidence, which seems to be more sustainable than circumstantial.

3) Criminal Trials in the News, write a 8-10 sentence detailed paragraph.

The news is full of stories about criminal trials on a daily basis. Let’s all do a little research and find some interesting cases we can share in this forum.

After you read about a recent case (something that was tried in the last year or so), tell us a few things about the case.

For instance, what were the crimes the defendant was charged with? What evidence did the prosecutor have against the defendant? What was the defendant’s main defense? Did the defendant testify? How long did the jury deliberate? What was their verdict? Do you know what sentence the defendant was given (assuming the defendant is found guilty, of course). Tell us why you chose this case to talk about.

Make sure to include the link to your case (website address, or if you watched a tv show about a real case, tell us what show you watched).

4) write a response to the students paragraph 5 sentences min. Write how you agree with their ideas and add more to it. Do not just compliment the student on their work. Add details of how you agree.

Student Response: In the State v Gray case which was held by the Washington Supreme Court which affirmed a child pornography conviction of a seventeen year old boy, as of March 2018. This boy, Eric Gray, sent a picture of himself to a woman. The woman was 22 years old at the time and was under suspicion it was Eric Gray, who was seventeen at the time and has Asperger’s syndrome. Gray confessed to an officer when asked if he sent the picture. The case also revealed that “At trial, the court found Gray guilty of dealing in depictions of a minor under section. The State agreed to dismiss the harassment charge. The court sentenced Gray to 150 hours of community service, 30 days confinement, and re registration as a sex offender.” I choose this case because I think it’s interesting how it brings up the issue on sexting and all the gray areas that come with it. I believe that it’s quite strict to impose a punishment of this severity to a person who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.



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