Write a case analysis according to a case. (IHRM), assignment help

Read case 8 and then write a case analysis.

Draw attention to facts that logically gave rise to the content of the ‘Problem Statement.’ Do NOT restate the case, only the relevant material that provides the basis for understanding the dynamics that gave rise to or indicate the nature of the ‘problem.’ See the Cengage description of important considerations in your analysis, including identification of ASSUMPTIONS. Be sure to address all relevant HR functional areas, such as, HRP, EEO, Job Analysis and Design, Staffing, Talent Management, Performance Management, Risk Management (Health & Safety), Compensation and Benefits, Labor and/or Employee Relations.

Here are two attachment. 

First one is the textbook. The case 8 is in this book

Second one is a example of case analysis. Please write the analysis according to the STRUCTURE of  the example. But do not copy it. YOU MUST WRITE A TOTALLY NEW ONE.

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