Write an article review of a scholarly article, management homework help

Write an article review of a scholarly article from the attached article.  Citation for the article is:

McBride, A. M., Gonzales, E., Morrow-Howell, N., & McCrary, S. (2011). Stipends in volunteer civic service: Inclusion, retention, and volunteer benefits.Public Administration Review,71(6), 850. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy2.apus.edu/docview/940862774?accountid=8289


After reading the article, you will prepare a review of approximately 750 words.

Professor would like it to follow the article review example as the below site: https://academicskills.anu.edu.au/resources/handouts/writing-journal-article-review

APA Format style

Needs at least 1 othe source 

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