writing up ( Current Research/Scientific writing in your own words)

Writing up the Assignment1)    Upload your article .pdf to Turnitin.com through CANVAS link in deadline week.2)    Read through your article’s Introduction and Discussion sections first to understand the overall study.3)    Read through the first data figure and write up a section ON THE FIRST DATA FIGURE ONLY for the following items IN YOUR OWN WORDS: NO QUOTES ALLOWED!a)    What was the hypothesis of the figure (NOT overall article)?b)    What question(s) did they ask to address the hypothesis in the figure (NOT overall article)?c)    What did the study do in this figure (NOT overall article)?d)    How did they do it in this figure (NOT overall article)?e)    What did they find in this figure (NOT overall article)?f)    What did it mean in this figure (NOT overall article)?4)    Spell and grammar check your work.

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