Written Case Analysis – Outline (L’Oreal), business and finance homework help

Please see the attachments. Only need to do Steps 3 and 4 in the attachment– Very quick and simple!

Please take a look at the document attached for what has been done so far.

You do not have to do a full completion of steps 3 and 4 – just an outline that will allow for me to easily complete on my own in full sentences. Enough detail for everything required, but not in full sentences. Type in a separate document – the attached is just to show you what has been completed.

This is not overly difficult and won’t take very long. Just requires reading the requirements and what has been done so far. Once you understand the requirements, it will be quite simple to come up with a detailed outline for me to work off of.

$10 is more than what should be required for this, however I am willing to pay it and tip well to whoever is willing and does a good job.

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