You are required to produce a brief summary of content analysis for academic journal articles….

Assignment 1 (Annotated Bibliography)

You are required to produce a brief summary of content analysis for academic journal articles.


This individual assessment will contribute 30% to your overall grade.


Demonstrate your ability:

? To frame a research question (only one question) from the research theme of ‘sustainability’.

? to search and select (6) academic journal articles

? to review the literature of sustainability within a context of business, management, marketing

? to expose the quality and depth of reading you have done.

? to explore and organise the content of the 6 articles to support the aim of your literature

research that you outlined in your research question.


(a) Determine the question you are exploring from the text relates to theme or concept of


(b) Write the research question (only one question). Obtain approval of your tutor to work on this

question – latest by end of week 3.

(c) Identify the relevant 6 academic journal articles. Only select articles published between 2016-


(d) Develop the contents for annotated bibliography – your annotation may contain all or most of

the following elements depending on the content of the sources (journal articles) you are


1) Provide the full bibliographic citation

2) Outline the main argument in the text

3) Indicate the content or scope of the text

4) Identify the research methods if applicable

5) Discuss the relevance or usefulness of the text to your research question text

6) State the strength and limitations of the

7) Identify the conclusions made by the authors

8) Present your view [personal reflection] or reaction to the text’

(e) Prepare the annotated bibliography summary (200-250 words, including references per citation,

arranged the summary alphabetically according to the author’s last name)

Note: you may use 1-3 sentences to elaborate on each of the above elements. In total you will

prepare 6 annotated bibliography summaries

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