You are tasked with creating a system (store) that manages the ordering and delivery of pizzas,… 1 answer below »

You are tasked with creating a system (store) that manages the ordering and delivery of pizzas, as well as stock


The system is menu driven. And the user can choose too:

Add Order

Dispatch Vehicle

Add Delivery Vehicle

Add Delivery Driver to Vehicle

Order Stock

Display Stock

Display Pizzas from Order

Display Delivery Vehicle

Display Total Number of Orders

The pizzas are loaded into the system from a file at the start of running the program, and can not be changed

once loaded.

A pizza consists of its name, and quantity of each of its ingredients (yeast, flour, cheese and tomato paste)

An order consists of up to 10 pizzas and an address to deliver the pizza too.

A delivery vehicle can carry up to max orders, it has an id and a driver. The driver must be added after adding

vehicle to the system.

A driver has a name.

A pizza store sells N pizza, 1 delivery vehicle and quantity of the total ingredients (yeast, flour, cheese and

tomato paste)

When an order is added, a delivery vehicle must exist (but not a driver). An order can only have one pizza and

the ingredients must be available from the total.

A vehicle can only be dispatched if there is at least 1 order, the delivery vehicle exist, and driver is added.

Create each class following the UML diagram, descriptions and tests.

A test class is provided for you to test two of the classes as you develop.

If the entire program does not work, a similar version will be used for marking.

Hence it is VERY important to get each working individual before proceeding to the next to maximize

potential marks and feedback.

It is recommended you add to the tests provided or create your own tests, to cover all possible


You must use the attributes and methods provided in the UML diagrams and base template

You can add private helper methods if you want to any class


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