You are working with a refugee resettlement program. How would you support your clients to… 1 answer below »


Word:1500 Words (3 X 500 Words)

Reference Style:APA 6th with proper reference list and in text citation.

Presentation: Word doc, 12 pt., 1.5 spacing

Assessment criteria: The Learning Activity and Responses will be assessed according to the following criteria:

• Comprehension of topic

• Evidence of critical analysis and originality

• Adherence to academic writing convention

• Evidence of wide reading

Overall Task:

Prepare 3 written responses of 500 words each. The responses should focus on answering the questions of the THEMES below. It is essential that students MUST complete the readings and materialS provided in addition to broader reading. Theme responses should be linked to these readings, and all material referenced as appropriate. The responses should be presented in one document.

Theme 1: Australian Legal System

You are working with a refugee resettlement program. How would you support your clients to understand the Australian legal system? What are the limitations of your role in providing legal information?


Kennedy et al 2016 appendix: Finding, Reading and Citing Law (p317)

Theme 2: Legal implications of practice in child protection – Coroner’s Court

Read the judgement of a coronial inquiry into the death of a child in care. You may select the case provided or identify another from your own state (Northern Territory of Australia). What legislation was referred to in relation to the death? Reflect upon your reactions to the case and lessons you would take with you into this statutory field of practice.


Kennedy (2016) Chapter 9, Families and Children inIntegrating Human Service Law, Ethics and Practice

NT Care and Protection of Children Act, 2007

Inquest into the death of Miss Melville

Ainsworth, H. 2013. ‘Australian child protection services: a game without end’. International Journal of Social Welfare, 22.

Hart, A. 2011. ‘Child safety in Australian family law: responsibilities and challenges for social science experts in domestic violence cases’. Australian Psychologist, 46.

Sawrikar, P., Katz, H. 2014. “Recommendations for improving cultural competency when working with ethnic minority families in child protection systems in Australia’. Child Adolescent Social Work, 31.

Winter, K. 2011. ‘The UNCRC and social workers’ relationships with young children’. Child Abuse Review, 20.

Theme 3: Indigenous Culture and Law

Aboriginal people are over-represented in the criminal justice and prison systems. How well do you consider Australia supports the rights of Indigenous peoples in relation to The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? How do you consider progress could be made to reduce incarceration rates?


Editorial. 2011. ‘Putting Indigenous human rights into social work practice’. Australian Social Work, 64 (2).

Cowan, A. 2013. ‘Undrip and the intervention: Indigenous self-determination, participation, and racial discrimination in the NT of Australia’. Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal, 22 (2).

Bennett, B, Green, S, Gilbert. S, Bessarab, D (2013). – Our Voices Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Work Palgrave Macmillan.

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