You belong to a small IT company and work in the Network design and implementation department….

SCENARIO: You belong to a small IT company and work in the Network design and implementation department. The task for this assignment is to prepare a detailed project feasibility report using the requirements provided by the customer. The customer plans to open a public access internet centre in your city. The office space has 3 rooms and a frontage. One of the 3 rooms will be used to accommodate all the servers and other telecommunication equipment’s that will be identified by your team. The other two rooms serve as the main internet café. The client is planning to buy 15 computers and 3 sever in total. Your task is to collect these requirements and prepare a detailed project charter and customer report. Analyse all the requirements and provide a plan to the customer to implement this project. The document may include technical specifications for the systems, network plan, purchase planning, deployment options, risk and other details. The document prepared by your team will be used by the managers and client to approve the project funding and technicians as Part A Once you complete both tasks you must present and submit your report to your Assessor for assessment. As a minimum, your feasibility study should document • the aim and rationality of the project • strengths and weaknesses of the proposed venture • opportunities and threats • resources required • provide possible solutions to the client, ensure that the feasibility of each solution has been assessed, including constraints • the prospects for success


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