You have a good friend that you have known most of your life, Communication Conflict week 2

Option #1: Case Study Analysis

Pick one of the following five case studies provided and generate four possible responses to the conflict: passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive. Identify and evaluate what theory or theories are present in the case study you analyze, then compare and contrast the four communication options for dealing with the conflict.

Case Study One: You have a good friend that you have known most of your life. For the last seven years, you have been especially close. You often find yourself saying the same things to one another. A few months ago, you noticed that she was becoming more distant when you spoke. It seems now that she is constantly busy, although she often says she would like to get together. You saw her a week ago at a friend’s wedding. Although you had some time to chat, she interrupted you frequently and often derailed the conversation by speaking to someone else. When you asked her about her behavior, she said it was because she was waiting for you to explode and didn’t want to provoke you. The two of you have arranged to have lunch next week.

Case Study Two: You are a basketball player on the university team. You go to practice and work as hard as anyone else, and know all the plays. You previously went to your coach and asked why you weren’t playing in the games. You felt that he had favorite players, and since they didn’t include you, you weren’t receiving the opportunities that you should as a member of the team. The coach replied that since he picked the team, he owned it, and he would decide who played. He suggested that you quit if you didn’t like it.

Case Study Three: You are a full-time student who works for a small organization that employs seven people, including yourself. There is no formal hierarchy in the organization, although two long-term employees appear to hold a great deal of power. The boss often provides what others see as preferential treatment in that he works around your school schedule. The veteran employees appear to believe that you haven’t earned the right to be treated in this manner, when they have put time and energy into building the company. A few times in the last month, you have walked in on conversations where you heard jokes about the last “ass kisser” who worked at the organization. While you know you’re not going to be there much more than another year, it is difficult to continue working under these circumstances.

Case Study Four: You live off-campus with a good friend who shares your desire to study hard and get good grades. While you don’t socialize a lot, you are content with your routine. While there are study places on campus, none is nearby, and walking home at night alone or even with your roommate is not safe. You have an upstairs neighbor who appears to have a bad case of “senioritis.” He drinks a great deal and has thrown up in front of your apartment more than once. He parties all weekend and plays his music loudly enough to disturb your studying. In addition, since he is right above you, you are often disturbed by his stomping, shouting, and dropping of things. This time, your neighbor has started partying on Thursday night. You have a test tomorrow. In the past, you’ve been afraid to confront your neighbor because he has seemed irrational.

Case Study Five: You were 20 years old when your parents divorced. Both remarried quickly—too quickly for your thinking. You have returned home to live with your mother and her very demanding husband. It’s only temporary. You want to move as soon as possible, but you have to save money for an apartment deposit. It seems as though every time you turn around, you’ve done something wrong. He let the air out of your tire when your car blocked his and put dirty dishes in your bed when you were too tired to wash them. Now he’s said he doesn’t even want you in the house except to sleep, and that you should find other places to hang out. It feels as though your mother doesn’t support you because she doesn’t want to be caught in the middle. You want to talk to your mother’s husband about negotiating some mutual boundaries that you can both live with for the next two months until you move.

Provide justifications, in the form of research, for your decisions and include references to 3-4 credible sources outside of the course and its required readings/media. Consider searching for these sources in the CSU-Global Library.

Your paper should be 2-4 pages in length, well-written, and formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

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