You will research and write a review of smart technologies for energy efficiency and energy… 1 answer below »

Project Details

You will research and write a review of smart technologies for energy efficiency and energy

management, and research and write a review of green building certification schemes.

You may already be familiar with energy efficient lamps and appliances, but many other

applications and technologies exist. Some are already commercially available, some are being

funded through crowd-funded Kickstarter projects, and some are still in the design and idea

stage. Feel free to include radical and futuristic ideas.

© Copyright: Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ibrahim, Dr. Abdulhadi Varnham

Divide the report into four parts:

(a) Your research and review of smart technologies for energy efficiency and energy

management should include:

• Application – construction / energy system / cooling / lighting / windows / etc.

• Description of the technologies – size / purpose / effectiveness / cost / etc.

• Technical details – automation / centralization / control system / cloud / security / etc.

• Personal evaluations, yours and others – observations / opinions / thoughts / etc.

(b) Your research and review into green building certification should include at least two from:

• LEED 4

• Green Globes

• NAHB Green

• Energy Star

• Living Building Challenge

• Passivhaus, etc.

(c) You need to demonstrate your understanding of the applicability of these ideas to Saudi

Arabia by including:

• How the technologies and concepts can be applied to low- to middle-income housing

stock in Saudi Arabia

• The distinction between certification for energy efficiency / building construction /

embodied energy / sustainability / energy gaps / etc.

• Whether different technologies and certificates are required for single and multidwelling buildings

• Whether the technologies can be retrofitted to existing buildings or only installed in

new buildings

• Solutions targeting various building aspects such as thermal mass / solar gain / thermal

comfort / lighting and daylighting / renewables and recycling / etc.


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