?Your client David Lucas (Role played by your assessor), is a single taxpayer…

Your client David Lucas (Role played by your assessor), is a single taxpayer. David is a bank manager and has approached to you to prepare his 2017-2018 income tax return. Before the scheduled appointment with you, some relevant income and expense information has been provided as follows, 1. Salary: $55 630; Allowances $230; Reportable fringe benefits$4000. Employer’s ABN: 12 345 678 910 PAYG tax paid $10 560 2. Unit trust distribution was $2264, which had franking credit of $ 113. There was also a gross capital gain of $260 that was fully discountable. 3. David earned a $47 interest from an overseas bank account but he only received $40 after they subtracted a foreign tax credit of $7. 4. Other income: bank interest $84; fully franked dividends $240; unfranked dividends $50. 5. He received refunds of $450 from Medicare and his health insurer over the year. 6. David owns an investment property that earned $13 240 rent. The expenses were: interest $10700, agent commission $910, repairs $128, rates $930 and advertising $45. When he bought it three years ago, the building itself cost $ 212 000 and at the end of last year the appliances had a WDV of $ 1285 in the low value pool. 7. During the year David drove his 2.5 –litre car 85 km on work- related travel. He also spent $320 on union fees, $42 on laundering his grey trousers, $400 on Internet access (half of which related to his work), $45 on a text book, $80 on donations to the Red Cross and $2380 on hospital/doctors’ bills. Private health insurance cost $1230 and he did not receive any upfront Government contribution for his health insurance premium

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Supplementary Assessment ? This form is to be completed by the assessor and used a final record of student competency. ? All student submissions including any associated checklists (outlined below) are to be attached to this cover sheet before placing on the students file. Assessment Task Details Term and Year Due Date / / Class Room Student Name: Student ID No: Date: Qualification : FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting Unit Code: FNSACC502 Unit Title: Prepare income tax returns for individuals Assessor’s Name Ada DU Supplementary Case study S / NYS / DNS Assessment task Final Assessment Result for this unit C / NYC Feedback is given to the student on each Assessment task Yes / No Feedback is given to the student on final outcome of the unit Yes / No Student Declaration: I declare that this work has been Assessor Declaration: I declare that I have conducted a completed by me honestly and with integrity. I understand fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student, that the Elite Education Vocation Institute’s Student and I have provided appropriate feedback. Assessment, Reassessment and Repeating Units of Competency Guidelines apply to these assessment tasks. Name: Name: Signature: Signature: Date: Date: Student was absent from the feedback session. Please save this file as PDF format (include your name to the filename) before uploading onto Moodle. FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting/ Supplementary FNSACC502/ 2018 / Supplementary Assessment Page 1 of 10Assessment deadlines penalty It is expected that unless a simple extension, special consideration or disability services adjustment has been granted, candidates will submit all assessments for a unit of study on the specified due date. If the assessment is completed or submitted within the period of extension, no academic penalty will be…


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