Zen Buddhism 9

1) In Aviman’s “Introduction,” she describes several contentious perspectivessurrounding scholarly approaches to the study of Zen paintings. What connectionsdoes she make between the “romanticized” perception of Zen and approaches to “Zenart”? In her outline of the purpose of her own book (p. 7), she describes how sheintends to break away from these earlier, romantic approaches. In your survey of herchapter titles (also p. 7), what new “narratives” do you expect Aviman to introducesurrounding the work of Hakuin and Sengai?2) After reading the short paragraph on formal and stylistic analysis, answer thequestions in light of your viewing experience of the Huineng painting linked above:What captures your attention first. What other elements do you then see. What moodor emotion do you feel? Can you explain your observations and emotional responses?In other words, which formal aspects of the work of art direct the movements of youreyes and encourage you to feel a certain way? Finally, why is this feelingcommunicative?

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