Zoonotic & Vector-borne Diseases SLA: Infographic

Infographics are used to simplify information to attract and inform a large audience (typically lay-people). Select one zoonotic or vector-borne disease (does not need to be from the book) and design an infographic to inform a local audience (locality is your choice) about it. Keep it relevant—-for example, malaria is not an issue for people living in San Antonio but could be for people traveling from San Antonio to a malaria-endemic area. Include the following components:Name of the disease and its etiologic agentHow it’s transmitted to humansClinical featuresRisk factorsIncidence ratePreventative measuresTreatment optionsOverall design (good use of visuals, easily readable fonts and colors, logical sequence) and sources. Indicate sources using a superscript number by the information that correlates to a name and link listed at the bottom of the infographic. Free programs to create infographics include Adobe Spark, Piktochart, and Canva, but you can also create them using Microsoft Office Tools.

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