Zungoo Electronics, Conflict Resolution and Project Performance assignment help

Conflict Resolution and Project Performance

Zungoo Electronics is the largest manufacturer of flat screen displays in the United States. Zungoo is known as an innovator and risk taker when it comes to implementing new technologies. Zungoo’s South America division is experiencing issues resulting from a combination of geographically dispersed project team members, faulty technologies, frequent conflicts, and other concerns that are hampering progress on key projects. An additional circumstance affecting performance is that distributed project teams do not allow for standard team development stages to occur, because team members can only interact in formal channels. Zungoo’s difficulties here are by no means abnormal, but a documented managerial plan for handling these communications will go a long way toward helping the project performance of geographically dispersed project teams.
As a senior project manager in the South American division PMO, you’ve been asked to provide an initial analysis to help guide the development of the managerial plan. Use the following to structure your analysis:

  • Define conflict and identify the major methods for resolving conflict. Give an example of how each might be applied in a hypothetical project team conflict episode at Zungoo.
  • Explain how issues of organizational structure play a role in how project management has declined in effectiveness at Zungoo.
  • Explain the impact of informal communication on project performance, and provide recommendations for developing avenues and support for informal communication.

Your responses should be integrated in a well-written paper that meets the following requirements:

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