food unit 3

he marketing plan translates ongoing marketing research into strategies and tactics. Creating a marketing plan involves selecting target markets, determining objectives, and developing action plans to meet those objectives. Action plans are a list of steps or actions that must be taken to achieve an identified goal or objective. After implementing their action plans, food and beverage service managers monitor and evaluate those plans to measure their success and help set new objectives (Ninemeier, 2022).



Slide 1: Title slide

  • Your name
  • Course number and title
  • Company name of the organization you selected in Unit 1

Slide 2: Business Summary

  • Mission statement
  • Location
  • Current target market(s)
  • Cuisine

Slides 3–6: Marketing Plan (Refer to Exhibit 4.2.)

  • Slide 3:Select the target market you plan to focus on or create a new target market.
  • Slide 4: State three objectives with supporting details in the Notes.
  • Slide 5: State three action plans with supporting details in the Notes.
  • Slide 6: Determine how you will evaluate your target audience.

Slides 7–10: Sales Effort

  • Slide 7: Sales effort explanation (Refer to Section 4.5 of your textbook.)
  • Slide 8–10: Three sales effort examples (flier, coupon, table tent, sign, billboard, app, social media)
  • Slide 11: References

The marketing plan must be original and not a plan the business has implemented.

  • Use a maximum of five bullets per slide, with supporting details in the Presenter Notes.
  • Use 24-point font.
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