Apa Paper

Instruction==>Please read the attachment and talk about the facilities below. You want to write the paper as if you drove around and stopped at each location as a group. The things to included are listed below and also in the attachment. Please include a reference page using APA format (6th edition) with 3 references. And the paper needs to be 4 pages.

Places to talk about:

Jerome Golden Center (Mental Health Services)

West Palm Beach, FL

The Community Health Center

2100 45th St A8/9 West Palm Beach, FL

Walter D. Kelly Center, DATA Inc (Drug Abuse Treatment Center)

West Palm Beach, FL

St. Mary’s Medical Center

West Palm Beach, FL

Foundcare health center
2330 south congress avenue, west Palm

Molina clinic- west palm beach
944 s military release, west palm beach

Foundcare healthcare center

2330 south congress ave, west palm

Molina clinic

944 s military release

west palm beach

Please include things like:

Are there any shelters or recovery centers in the area offering services for women and their children?


What churches and church-run schools are in the area (denomination)? How many are there of each denomination?

Health and Morbity

Is there evidence of any health problems such as drug/alcohol abuse, communicable or chronic diseases, and mental illness (etc)?

Daycare Facilities

Are there any day care centers in the area and what do they charge for providing care? Is this cost supplemented by a governmental agency?

Further Information of Interest

List any noteworthy observations or concerns observed in the community.

  • attachment

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