Task description:

  1. Students are to choose ONE of the three episodes of ‘You Can’t Ask That’ listed below…
  1. Students are to write a narrative analysis in report format which should include the following…
  • Cover page or header with the unit number, unit title, assignment number and title and your student number (not included in word count).
  • Introduction: Clearly identify your chosen ‘You Can’t Ask That’ episode and explain and define the topics to be discussed in your assignment (approximately 150 words, including in-text citations).
  • Identify the narrative/s discussed in your chosen episode. This includes (a) a discussion of the overall narrative/s of the episode as well as (b) an exploration of the similarities and differences in narrative between individual guests in your chosen episode. (approximately 300 words, including in-text citations).
  • Identify and discuss (a) how the social determinants of health underpin the narrative/s expressed in your chosen episode and (b) how these social determinants of health have the potential to impact the health outcomes (either positively or negatively) of those individuals, with evidence from the broader social determinants of health literature (approximately 300 words, including in-text citations).
  • Choose ONE qualitative research paper and compare and contrast how the narratives and social determinants of health, as drawn from your chosen episode, are echoed (or not) in your chosen research paper (approximately 300 words, including in-text citations).
  • Conclusion: explain/sum up findings/conclusions (approximately 150 words, including in-text citations)
  • Reference list: A minimum 5 references (not included in the word count).
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