Case Study

The assignment below is a group project. Please the attached pdf of the case studies and the whole project instructions, however, you are to only answer questions 1 through 4 below as these are my assigned questions. I will also attach the some of the questions already answered by my group project members as a guide only. Use it as a chart also to complete the highlighted in yellow section only. Thanks!

Use the attached chart to complete only the highlighted questions. This assignment is due by 9 am America New/York time tomorrow 01/18/18.

In week 9 the case study team assumes full senior leader support on the validation of the two

root causes identified.

1. Review the literature to find at least 4 peer reviewed research studies which evoke

validation of the latest patient safety evidence in support of your root cause finding (Only locate 1 peer-reviewed article).

2. At this point, the case study team determines recommendations using the latest

evidence from the literature on what is needed within these two hospitals to address

these significant root causes.

3. Assume a three-month implementation timeframe, recognizing that full realization may

take longer.

4. Construct a straw man Gantt chart or project plan to capture all necessary components

to move the recommendations forward.

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