Catherine Owens

As nurses we will be faced with dilemmas and problem solving on a daily basis. Our own personal beliefs can also affect how we may treat or even care for a patient. It shouldn’t but it could possibly happen. If you see that happening, ask the nurse manager to switch with another nurse as that patient deserves proper care without judgment.  If you were against a certain vaccination and you had to provide that vaccination and patient education to a patient, you must provide them with accurate information, side effects, statistics all while you put your beliefs behind.

I personally experienced an ethical dilemma at work when I was scheduled to give a patient an injection. This patient had his blood work drawn and saw the doctor and was waiting for me to give him the injection. In the chart, the doctor had approved the treatment however based on the orders and the guidelines this patient was to not get the injection. I went looking for the doctor in the clinic and of course, he is with the next patient which can take about 20 minutes. So while waiting I asked one of our experienced RN’s what she feels I should do and to look into the chart more closely just in case I missed something. She reviews it and says to give it but upon asking why she said the doctor-approved it so it’s fine. I knew that something didn’t seem right so I had to continue to wait and explain to the patient that I was waiting for the doctor to review the treatment again. Once the doctor was available, I had him review the medication order and guidelines per the drug as I felt he had made an error. Turns out that the doctor was wrong and that the patient indeed did not need the treatment that day.  Our textbook states that we as nurses in a health care setting must work closely with physicians, pharmacist and other clinic staff. I believe that I utilized my resources as an LPN and made the right choice by getting a second opinion even though I still did not agree with her response. As a nurse, it is acceptable to not agree with someone but you need to explain your reasoning for something as the other nurse did not provide an acceptable reason for me.


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