Throughout this course, you have considered the value of developing a health care services marketing plan and have determined the relevance of this process for the practice of health care administration. As you refine your skills for developing health care services marketing plans, you will be able to define, develop, and implement health programs, initiatives, or offer health care services. In addressing the needs for your target audience or community, your organization or agency will be better poised to offer effective health care delivery.

For this Final Project, review the components you submitted throughout the course and reflect on Instructor feedback. Then, revise the components and consider the short- and long-term implications of your health care services marketing plan.

The Project (13–21 pages, not including references)

  • Component      1 (submitted in Week 2)
  • Component      2 (submitted in Week 4)
  • Component      3 (submitted in Week 5)
  • Component      4 (submitted in Week 6)
  • Component      5 (submitted in Week 7)
  • Component      6 (submitted in Week 8)
  • Component      7 (submitted in Week 9)
  • Component      8 – In 1–2 pages, explain the short-term and long-term potential impacts of the health care services outlined in your health care services marketing plan.

Be sure to provide 10 to 15 references to support your entire health care services marketing plan submission.

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